Ed Crouch

Tennessee Highway Patrol - On August 14, 2014, the department’s Inspectional Service Bureau (ISB) received a complaint regarding inappropriate communication then Sgt. Ed Crouch, of Macon County, had with a private citizen while on duty. An internal investigation was initiated and has since been complete.

Per recommendation from Captain Robert Christian, Ed Crouch was demoted from a sergeant to a trooper, effective November 15, 2014. This disciplinary action was taken based on conduct unbecoming and violation of policies and standard of behavior required as a first line supervisor with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He was also transferred to Sumner County in the Nashville District for the good of the department.

Trooper Crouch has gone through the department’s appeals process as outlined in state law and the department’s decision was upheld by the board of appeals on April 24, 2015. He still has the opportunity to appeal to the Chancery Court.