What local authorities believe to be the one of largest dealers of methamphetamine in Macon County was arrested last week along with others presumed to be involved in the operation.

According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons authorities had been looking for parole violator and local, known meth dealer Dewayne Perdue, who was believed to be in the company of 43-year-old Butch Sallee, when they caught a break last Thursday, May28.

“Detective Troy Griggs located the vehicle belonging to Butch Sallee - a gray, Chevy, dually -  at a fuel pump at Coley’s Market,” the sheriff stated. 

Sheriff Gammons, along with officer Brad Murphy and detective Shane Gregory, pulled up to Sallee’s vehicle and observed Perdue sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. 

“At that time, Mr. Perdue jumped in the driver’s seat and proceeded to drive off despite being told to stop,” sheriff Gammons remarked. “We started our pursuit of the vehicle and Mr. Perdue continued to evade our lights and sirens.”

The officers were able to pin the vehicle being driven by Perdue between their cars and the suspect was arrested along with another passenger in the vehicle - 28-year-old Nichole Becker. 

During the pursuit of the vehicle, deputies were sent to Coley’s Market where they arrested Sallee and 26-year-old Megan Rose, who were inside the market when Perdue attempted to escape police.

Inside the vehicle, officers discovered just under a pound of orange colored, ‘designer meth’, or ‘ice’, which is estimated to have a street value of $49,000. Two pistols were also found inside the vehicle along with $280 in cash, a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an assortment of pills.  

“We believe we’ve caught one of the largest meth dealers in Macon County,” said sheriff Gammons. “We believe that some of the suspects were dealers and some were transporters. I want to thank all of the officers involved. If anyone has any information regarding illegal drug activity in Macon County, please call us. Callers will remain anonymous.”

The charge(s) for each of the suspects involved in this case are as follows:

Butch Sallee: possession of a Schedule II drug, unlawful possession of a weapon, accessory after the fact, failure to appear, possession of drug paraphernalia 

Dewayne Perdue: evading arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of Schedule II drug, unlawful possession of a weapon, failure to appear, violation of parole

Nichole Becker: possession of a Schedule II drug, unlawful possession of a weapon

Megan Rose: simple possession