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Liquor Stores to Appear on RBS Ballot in 2016

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According to Macon County Administrator of Elections Barry Doss, the required petition has already been submitted to the election commission. 

“The law requires signatures from ten percent of the number of people that voted in the last Governor’s election,” Doss stated. “In the last Governor’s election (November 2014) 146 Red Boiling Springs voters participated, so only ten percent of that amount, or 15 names, is required for the petition to be in order.”

The petition for an item to appear on the ballot is required to be submitted 70 days prior to an election. 

Red Boiling Springs City Council members voted to start the process required to allow package stores in the City to be put on the ballot during their June 11, 2015 meeting. If passed, liquor stores will be allowed to conduct business within the city limits and the city will regulate them. The approval of package stores does not include liquor by the drink sales at restaurants or other business establishments. 

Doss said that he is not aware of package stores ever appearing on the ballot in Red Boiling Springs.

The City of Red Boiling Springs November 8, 2016 election will also elect three city council members and a mayor.