Macon County High School senior Shawnee Fox attended last week’s Macon County Board of Education meeting where she represented herself and at least 299 other MCHS students who are not happy with the current 6-12 dress code.  

Fox presented a petition with 300 signatures of students who are dissatisfied with some of the current policies and a list of student recommended changes. 

“We are not happy as a student body with the dress code as it is now,” Fox told board members. “We do appreciate what you have changed from last year.”

Changes students would like the board to consider for next year are:

  • Shorts may be worn, as long as they are finger tip length while standing or an inch above the knee while standing. 
  • Skirts, dresses and jumpers may be an inch above the knee while standing.
  • Holes may be worn in jeans as long as they are at the knee or below. No higher than the knee itself.
  • Leggings may be worn as long as the shirt, sweater, etc., comes an inch above the knee.
  • See-through shirts may be worn only with the proper undergarments (tank tops), no sports bras.

 “I think, some of this, we do need to take under advisement,” said board member Steve Walton. “Maybe the shorts thing and the leggings thing has been a concern. A lot of people are wearing them and as long as you’re wearing them with the proper shirt down to your knee I don’t see a problem with it. There may have been an issue where people weren’t doing that. I think these are all good points and we should bring this up in a work session to review this policy.”

Board members will meet in a work session on Thursday, September 24, to discuss the dress code among other topics. 

 In other business:

       • The board agenda was approved as presented. 

  • The consent agenda (minutes of previous meeting, trip requests and leave requests) was approved.
  • Director of Schools Tony Boles addressed the bomb threat made at Lafayette Elementary School earlier this month saying, “I would like to publicly acknowledge principal and staff at Lafayette Elementary School and Central Elementary School (where LES students were evacuated to) for going above and beyond the call of duty.” 
  • The bid was approved for school activity funds audits for the 15-16 SY. The bid was submitted by John R. Poole. 
  • A bid was approved on roll call by the board for the Red Boiling Springs High School Baseball building. The winning bid was submitted by Walt’s Building. The payment schedule for the baseball program to pay for half of the building was also approved.
  • Board members voted to table discussion on paving the parking lot and running track at Macon County High School due to extremely high bids. The cost of paving the parking lot would be around $138,000 and the cost of the running track would be an additional $60,000. While board members did note that both projects were necessary, they agreed that it should be budgeted for next year so not to deplete this year’s funds. 
  • A new board chairman and vice chairman were elected for the upcoming school year. The new chairman will be Rebekah Tuttle and Wayne Marsh will serve as vice chairman effective September 16.
  • Board members approved the executive decision recently made by Director Boles and Board of Education Chairman Jeff Harper to purchase a bus engine for Bus #12. According to Boles, the emergency situation called for he and Harper to make an executive decision to spend the money. The board agreed.
  • The following policies were revised on first reading: Policy 2.800 - Expenditure of Funds, Policy 2.805 - Purchasing, Policy 4.602 - GPA and Class Ranking (clarification of the current policy), Policy 5.3021 Sick Leave Bank and Policy 6.317 - Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority.
  • The following policies were adopted on first reading: Policy 3.218 - Service Animals in District Facilities, Policy 5.118 - Background Investigation
  • Board members approved the Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) Intergovernmental agreement. 
  • The next regular board meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the central office (change is due to fall break).