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Bell Witch Author to Visit Thomas House Hotel in RBS

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In addition to recounting the terrifying legend, Fitzhugh will reveal many little-known facts, both old and new, that he uncovered while researching the case for over three decades.

"The old legend is spooky enough," he relates, "but the history behind the people and places involved paints an even more horrifying picture. When it comes to the Bell Witch, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.”

Fitzhugh’s fascination with the story of the Bell Witch began when he first heard it as a child from his mother.

“I became interested in the historical aspect of the story when I was told it was real, and that my mother knew some of the actual descendants of the family,” he stated. “That’s what made it stand out from all of the other stories I had heard.”

In addition to having written two books about the Bell Witch, Fitzhugh has lectured around the country and appeared on many radio shows. His TV and movie credits include "America's Creepiest Destinations," "Night Visitors," "Liars and Legends," and “An American Haunting," starring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland. He is also featured in A&E's new fall TV series, "Cursed: The Bell Witch."

A question-and-answer session, along with a book signing featuring "The Bell Witch: The Full Account" and "Ghostly Cries From Dixie,” will follow the storytelling. As a bonus, adult overnight guests at the hotel will be eligible to participate in an all-night paranormal investigation of The Thomas House, led by Pat Fitzhugh.

Fitzhugh, who has frequented the Thomas House Hotel twice a month over the last two years, calls the historic hotel ‘the real deal.’

“There is always something weird going on there,” he remarked. “It’s like a haunted house that is open 365 days a year, but without all of the actors and props. It’s the real deal and the ghost hunt will be an intense,all-night experience.”

The Thomas House Hotel in RBS is ranked one of the top five of ‘CNN’s Top Haunted Spots Across America’ each year.

Dinner and performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 6-7, and Friday and Saturday, Nov. 13-14. The cost is $18 per person, plus tax, which includes dinner, dessert, and the storytelling. If staying overnight, hotel rates will also apply.

Reservations required: (615) 699-3006