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Carver Bound Over to Grand Jury

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Mr. Carver is accused of DUI, felony reckless endangerment with a weapon involved, driving on a revoked license, possession of a legend drug, resisting arrest, reckless driving, felony evading in a vehicle, speeding, stop sign violations and improper passing in a no passing zone.

As previously reported in the Macon County Chronicle last year, on Wednesday, February 4, Trooper Johnny Rodgers turned onto the Red Boiling Springs Road from Hwy. 52 and he got behind 22-year-old Nathan Carver, of Lafayette, who had also turned on RBS Road from the other direction. 

Trooper Rodgers said that Carver started gaining speed and once he realized the subject was driving over the posted speed limit, he attempted to catch up to him.

According to Trooper Rodgers, at this point they had reached Union Camp Road where the suspect turned right traveling at 60 mph plus. “I engaged my lights and siren to attempt to stop Carver for speeding, and he failed to stop and continued at a high rate of speed,” explained Rodgers.

When Carver turned right onto Dark Hollow Road, Trooper Rodgers says he realized the suspect wasn’t going to stop.

Trooper Rodgers followed the suspect from Dark Hollow Road, to Shrum Hollow Road, back to Union Camp Road, then to Sycamore Valley Road, into both Smith and Trousdale Counties and finally back into Macon County.

“The pursuit was continued due to no traffic,” said Rodgers, “and we passed three cars in total while in pursuit and no one was injured.”

Trooper Rodgers said that while on Shrum Hollow Road, Carver was swerving his vehicle back and forth in the gravel to try and create enough dust in hopes of losing him. 

“Trooper Cody Ballard and officers from the Macon County Sheriffs Department were on their way to assist,” continued Rodgers, “and we were granted approval to use spike strips thru dispatch.”

Trooper Ballard positioned himself at the intersection of State Route 80 (Carthage Road) and Union Camp Road. “Carver’s speeds were slowing down to 40 or 50 miles an hour while I was still in pursuit on the Carthage Road,” noted Trooper Rodgers. “Ballard did deploy the spike strips which deflated three of the four tires.”

Nathan Carver still refused to surrender and turned onto Union Camp Road traveling back toward Lafayette. “Carver’s vehicle was almost undriveable at this time and his speeds were down to 20 or 30 mphs. But he was still refushing to stop his car, so I decided to get in front on his car and force him to stop,” Trooper Rodgers said.

However, the suspect kept on going and passed Trooper Rodgers on the left traveling in the wrong lane of traffic and he forced two deputies, who were coming to help, off the roadway almost hitting them head on.

Shortly after that, all the rubber on Carver’s tires came off and he was on the bare rims. Sparks were going everywhere and he finally came to a stop around the 7000 block of Union Camp Road.

“I exited my vehicle and approached Nathan Wayne Carver’s car on the driver’s side, ordered him to exit the vehicle, with my weapon drawn, and he refused,” Rodgers stated. “I opened the driver’s side door and used physical force to remove Carver from the vehicle.”
Macon County Sheriffs Office deputies Joseph Woodard, Elliott Sandifer, Freeman and Ashley Tharp along with MCSO Detective Darrell Taylor secured the two passengers in Carver’s car.

Trooper Rodgers discovered that Carver was under the influence of drugs. Statements from the two passengers were obtained and they were released.

Nathan Carver was arrested and transported to the Macon County Justice Center.