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The Tornado...Eight Years Later

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On Tuesday, February 5, 2008, we endured a life altering experience and when the powerful tornado touched down eight years ago, it changed Macon County and its citizens forever.

The Macon County Chronicle would like to remember all those who lost their lives during that horrific weather event and we pay tribute to the brave men and women who worked around the clock to aid the citizens of our community. Their loyalty was outstanding.

We were all reminded of our mortality that night and how in the blink of an eye Mother Nature can blow in and right back out again, taking as many lives as she wants, young and old alike.

When you think back to that Tuesday night and the days that followed it was one huge united effort, which included a visit from the president of the United States of America. President Bush surveyed the damage the twister left behind and he spoke at what was called “ground zero” between Akersville Road and the Williams Road intersection near the destroyed New Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

The human spirit is capable of untold measures when people are hurting and their well being is in jeopardy, and this was never more evident than when the twister tossed our county around, taking lives, destroying and damaging hundreds of homes, and injurying countless Macon Countians before it moved on into Kentucky.

We all know that it took alot of time and effort for Macon County to recover from this tragic event, but everyone pulled together and although hearts are mending, none of us will ever forget what happened that night and how our community pulled together for the greater good of all involved.

On the 8th anniversary of the tragedy that came in the night, the Macon County Chronicle would like to pay tribute to the Macon County Sheriffs Office, Lafayette Police Department, Macon County General Hospital, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Macon County EMS, E-911, Lafayette Fire Department, Macon County Rescue Squads, Macon County EMA, North Central Telephone Company, VFW, and Tri County Electric.

The Macon County Chronicle would also like to remember those who died as a result of the tornado: Mark Aaron Brown, Carol Irene Boyd, Javier Castillo Bueno, William “Bill” Clark, Johnnie Dollin, Dixie Marie Ellis, Stanley Eugene Francis, William “Tom” Manier, Joan Rodriquez, Courtney Lynn Payne, Rex Douglas Payne, Jimmy Carter Shaw, Pablo Osorio, Michael L. Welch, Julie Welch, Jesse Welch, Hannah Welch, and Randy Wilkerson.