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MCGH to Expand Emergency Dept. Facility

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MCGH Administrator Dennis Wolford expressed his excitement in regard to the project and he says there is a long-term Master Facility Plan that provides different phases based on how much they could afford at the time.

“After considerable review we feel the emergency room is the first area we want to tackle,” explained Wolford. “What we looked at is the lack of privacy because so many of the beds are just separated by a curtain. In the new facility each one of the rooms are going to be private so we will no longer have that issue.”

According to Wolford there will be a new Emergency Department entrance with a separate waiting area, rather than entering the emergency area thru the back door of the hospital. “There will be a new separate ambulance entrance, so patients will not have to be transported through the out patient area of the hospital,” stated Wolford. “A conference room is going to be available for physicians and staff to meet privately with patients’ family members, rather than meeting in the hall or waiting room.”

“There will be two large trauma/cardiac rooms, OB room, isolation room, four private exam rooms and a holding room for patients with behavioral health issues,” said Mr. Wolford. “This will add to the state of the art equipment, and now we will be able to meet more and more of the community’s health care needs. Plus, we work closely with Vanderbilt and HCA/Tri-Star with telemedicine, so I think the future really, really looks good.”

“The health care landscape is changing rapidly and we must either adapt or we are going to be left  behind,” added Administrator Wolford. “The community is growing and now this addition is really going to provide more services and space to meet these growing health care needs.”