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Down to One Lane

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Macon County Mayor Steve Jones would like to inform the public that in the upcoming weeks the Hwy. 10 Hill construction project will be going down to one lane, using temporary signals, in order for contractors to be able to finish work on the new roadway.

In recent discussions concerning how the Hwy. 10 South hill project is progressing, Macon County Mayor Steve Jones was told one of the things that is going to be happening in upcoming weeks is a temporary red light system will be installed to regulate one-lane traffic such as you see at bridges, where you have one lane. This is so the contractors can move traffic over and start working on the old portion of the road. One red light will be placed just down the hill and the other near Wilburn Lane at the other end.

Mayor Jones says it is his understanding they will be reworking a section of the new road to move traffic over onto, so they will be able to work on the old road. “But to be able to do this they are going to need the traffic signals to manage the traffic down there,” Jones explained. “People need to be aware of this, and they may even want to begin looking for alternate routes to travel so they won’t get caught in this. I’m sure the state will work toward making it as easy for drivers as possible.”

“We know we have a lot of traffic on the Highway 10 hill and we know that this is going to be an inconvenience, but it is part of getting this project completed,” noted the Mayor. “A lot of work has been done, and the major cuts have been completed in the hill down through there. It is my understanding that as soon as they get the retaining walls constructed and are able to get a traffic flow surface up, they will go to one lane using the temporary signals for one-way traffic. 

The mayor says he has been told the traffic lights will be timed for 2 to 3 minutes, but that isn’t definite.

“All types of traffic will still be able to travel on the Highway 10 South hill,” adds Mayor Jones, “it is just going to be a little waiting period.”