On Sunday afternoon, September 18, the Lafayette Police Department arrested a 27-year-old Westmoreland mother after receiving a call of a reckless driver coming into the City of Lafayette in a black Acura.

According to the affidavit of complaint filed by LPD Corporal Jeff Hix, after receiving the call he observed a vehicle matching the description run upon the curb around the Verizon Store on Hwy. 52 West.

Corporal Hix turned around and activated his emergency lights and the vehicle pulled into the parking lot of TSC.

The officer approached the vehicle and began speaking to the driver identified as 27-year-old Courtney Dawn Clayton. Corporal Hix stated that he noticed Ms. Clayton was nervous and her speech was sluggish. Ms. Clayton provided her driver’s license, registration, but no proof of insurance.

In the complaint, Corporal Hix stated that he advised Ms. Clayton why he had stopped her and asked if she had anything to drink or had she taken any medication or illegal drugs. She replied that she had only taken ibuprofen. Hix asked her to step out of the vehicle and after she failed the field sobriety test, he advised the suspect that she was under arrest for DUI and asked her to call someone to pick up her child.

Hix states in the affidavit that after calling someone, Ms. Clayton kept getting the child agitated, and she refused to follow his instructions. He went to the driver’s side of the vehicle and asked Ms. Clayton to step out of the vehicle and she refused. After requesting this several times the officer had to forcefully remove the suspect out of the vehicle and she still kept resisting. She had to be taken to the ground and he had assistance taking her into custody.

Corporal Hix searched her pockets and her vehicle, according to the affidavit. Upon doing inventory of the vehicle, he observed a plastic bag between the seat and console. Sgt. J.J. Ruiz also helped in the inventory and found a baggy with one white pill and two blue pills identified as alprazolam  2 mg., and a baggy with 2 1/2 white pills identified as alprazolam 1 mg. Also found in the vehicle were two pipes and two sets of scales.

Corporal Jeff Hix charged Courtney Clayton with manufacturing of narcotics (3 cts.), possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI, financial responsibility and resisting arrest. 

A General Sessions Court date is set for November 16. Bond is set at $24,100.

More charges are pending.