Macon County Chronicle

Marijuana Found at Home of Shooting Victim

On Monday, Sept. 8, Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons and Deputy Mark Bartley arrived at 88 BJ Lane in Lafayette around 8 p.m. after receiving information that gunshots had been fired.

At the scene, police found Chris Stafford laying on the ground by a truck with a gunshot wound to the abdomen and Jesse Beasley Bowman, who is confined to a wheelchair, laying on the front porch of the residence beside his wheelchair.

The weapon used, a .410 shotgun, belonged to Bowman and was found by police at the scene.

“A this time we know there had been previous shots fired while Bowman was in the house,” said MCSD Detective Bill Cothron. “We believe there was an altercation between Stafford and Bowman and a struggle ensued over possession of the shotgun.”

Macon County EMS responded to the scene and treated Stafford, who was later flown to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Bowman was detained by police for questioning.

During the follow-up investigation on Tuesday, police arrived at Stafford’s residence, located at 70 BJ Lane to search for a possible secondary weapon.

“During the course of the investigation, we received information that there was marijuana being grown on the premises of Stafford’s residence,” Cothron said. “We observed marijuana being grown in pots directly behind Stafford’s trailer, which we confiscated.”

Aside from ten marijuana plants, police also found ammunition consistent with a second weapon and fertilizer generally used for growing marijuana during their search.

Stafford is said to be in stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center, and the results of the ongoing police investigation will be presented to a Grand Jury in October.