Macon County Chronicle

Emergency Water Restrictions in RBS

Red Boiling Springs Mayor, Kenneth Hollis, issued a State of Emergency water restrictions on Friday, September 26.

“We must ask that you not water lawns, gardens, fill swimming pools, wash car or mobile equipment of any kind.  Washing of outside buildings or surfaces and the watering of livestock is also prohibited; your use of water should be limited to basic necessities only,” said RBS Mayor Hollis in the state of emergency notice.

“Red Boiling Springs pulls most water from two natural spring sources, the McClellan Spring and Sabin Spring,” said Brian Long, RBS Water Superintendent.  

“Geologists say the water tables are still suffering from the 2007 drought.  The periodic rain storms and the remnants of the recent hurricane have allowed us to continue pumping,” said Long.

On Friday the water superintendent stated, “As of today there is no overflow, though water is still in the spring boxes.”

With no rain in the forecast, he and the Mayor were concerned about the availability of water for residents.

Currently, plans are to bring pumps in from Nashville and hook them to the Hudson Spring box; the same plan that got the small town through last year’s drought.

“If we make it to Monday, my goal is to have people on staff 24/7.”  The pump operates by pumping for about an hour on and 30 minutes off,” discussed Long.

As a final resort RBS can go to the Salt Lick Creek, though “it is difficult to treat surface water,” offered Long.  

Last year the customers obeyed restrictions and conserved, enabling the water utility to make it through.  Long has confidence that if everyone will go along with the restrictions that it will go as well this time.  

Anyone caught using water for reasons listed in the restrictions will be fined up to $150 for the first offense, plus court costs.  On a second offense the water meter will be removed until restrictions are lifted and fines are paid, according to the emergency notice.  

In the mean time, the water utility department is doing everything they can to be proactive and to conserve so that customers can continue to receive safe drinking water.

For a full notice of the water restrictions see page B9 of the Chronicle.