Girl Scouts Troop #2513 held a unique ceremony at the Palace Park in Red Boiling Springs, this past Saturday evening.  Each member of the troop participated by placing meaningful memorabilia in bags that became part of a time capsule to be exhumed in the year 2018. 

Troop leaders of the girls, age five to eleven, are Ann Jones and Tracy Hoyle.

The troop’s efforts were supported by Red Boiling Springs City with Ray Long digging the four-foot hole in the park.  Dale Cherry of Lafayette Monument donated the stone marker that was placed at the roadside location.  

Among the items buried in the time capsule were earrings, an “In God We Trust” figurine, a Macon County Chronicle, small dolls, photographs of Troop 2513, and other items special to the young girls.

The box contains a letter with instructions to be followed for a special surprise for the troop that retrieves the time capsule in 2018.  

The girls that exhume these pieces of history will be asked to get in touch with the original girls who placed the items there.  At that time the girls from Troop # 2513 will be 15 to 21 years of age.