Macon County Chronicle

Sad Meeting for Legislative Body

When the Macon County Legislative Body met in regular session last Monday Night October 20th, Commissioner Jeff Hughes led the invocation and prayed for Commissioner Anna Dean Carter.   

Sadly, word was received during the meeting that she had passed away and a moment of silence was offered.

All remaining commissioners were present for the meeting.

Elected unanimously by acclimation, as Notary Publics, were Cheryl Whitley Dies, Crystie Keene, Lisa C. Cothron, Teresa L. Austin, Jo Roberts, Steven D. Linville, Mark Shrum, Dewayne Sloan, Keith Taylor, Joyce Gregory, Karie Griffin, and Frank D. Farrar.

A motion was unanimously approved to change the main flow of traffic at the intersections of Old RBS Road and Union Camp Road to give the right-of-way to the Union camp Road instead of the old RBS Road and to put up adequate signage to indicate the changes.

Road Supervisor Audie Cook and Ronnie Cook presented the need for a road grader along with  quotes to commissioners.  A motion carried for the road supervisor to collect bids for a grader, both with and without a used equipment trade in, also allowing individuals interested in the used equipment to bid with the stipulation that no bids have to be accepted.

A motion carried to delay authorizing an actuarial study, on assessing the cost to the county and to the employees to purchase time in the retirement plan.

Commissioners discussed the Gaulden Hollow Road and the gate currently obstructing traffic.  A motion was made to remove the gates so traffic may move through as needed.

Budget amendments for both the Sheriff’s Department and Trustee passed.   

Mike Holliman and Thomas O’Sail addressed the county commissioners on behalf of West Macon Rescue Squad. They told the legislative body that equipment is crucial to rescue.  Two power packs, priced at $3,946 each, were requested as the rescue squad is operating on borrowed equipment at the moment. Commissioners learned the squad currently has 24 active members and that certified members do not have adequate equipment.  These hydraulic powered units assist in the rescue of trapped persons.

Commissioner Annette Looper spoke saying, “When it’s your family, that’s when you realize the importance of the equipment,” and made a motion to allow West Macon rescue be allowed to purchase the two power packs.  Commissioner Phillip Snow seconded the motion that carried unanimously.

The meeting of the Salary Study Committee scheduled for October 21 was postponed, paying respect to Commissioner Anna Dean Carter, Chairwoman of the committee.  

During the meeting, owners of Alexander Funeral Home Brad and Andrea Tuttle along with Guthrie and Mary Hammer were presented a proclamation by Mayor Shelvy Linville, honoring 100 years of service in Macon County.  

Mayor Shelvy Linville reminded the Legislative Body that the next regular schedule meeting of the Committee of the Whole will be held at 6:00 (time-change) on the first Monday night in November.