Macon County Chronicle

Senior Center Included as MCGH Alternate Care Site in Emergency Operations Plan


Macon County General Hospital and The Macon County Senior Citizens Center have entered into an agreement allowing Macon County General to include the center as alternate care site as part of the hospital’s Emergency Operations plan.  In the event of a disaster such as the February tornadoes, patients with minor injuries, cuts, and bruises, can be sent to an alternate care site established and staffed by hospital personnel. 

Macon County General Hospital has purchased an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be placed at the Senior Citizens Center.  The AED was purchased though emergency preparedness grants from the Health Resources and Services Administration, commonly called a HRSA grant.

The AED will be maintained and checked by the hospital staff and will be available if the alternate care center is activated.  The AED will be available for use at the Senior Citizens Center by trained personnel at any time it is needed for any person who suffers a collapse or cardiac arrest at the center.  The hospital’s Community Outreach Program conducts American Heart Association CPR courses for the public which includes the use of an AED. 

Anyone wanting a CPR class may contact Stacey Brawner at 666-2147 for more information.