Macon County Chronicle

Dumpsters for Tornado Debris

In an effort to help tornado victims clean up and get their lives reordered, dumpsters have been located at ten areas in the county for storm-blown debris, reported Debbie Richardson Harper, Solid Waste Superintendent.

Harper hopes that the dumpsters, which were contracted for through private companies, will remain in place as long as necessary, throughout the clean-up process. The cost will be reimbursed by FEMA (75%) and TEMA (12.5%). The remaining 12.5% will be paid for by the county.

Only storm debris is reimbursable, and dumpsters are for use by tornado victims only.

They are located at:

  • Corner of Akersville Road and Twins Lane
  • Corner of Tuck Lane and Akersville road
  • Antioch Baptist Church, 6701 Galen Road
  • 7416 Galen Road
  • Gass Hollow Road
  • Corner of Carr Branch Road and White Hollow Road
  • Green Grove Cemetery at the corner of Green Grove Road and Pleasant Valley Road
  • 276 Coleman Road
  • 199 Maple Grove Road
  • 1901 Scottsville Road at F&M Warehouse

Acceptable waste for the dumpsters is wind-strewn debris, ruined furniture, and household items.  Unacceptable for the dumpsters are tires, brush and limbs, paint, auto fluids, chemicals, and hazardous waste items.

Brush and limbs may be burned on site, said Harper, after obtaining a burn permit through the Forestry Department. Burn permits are free, and can be obtained by calling  the fire tower at 666-4111. Hazardous waste may be taken to the Hartsville Convenience Center - located on Industrial Drive - on Saturday, March 29 from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.

“The state won’t allow us to collect hazardous waste at our landfill to take to the hazardous waste event in Trousdale County,” said Harper, “but Macon Countians are certainly welcome to take their hazardous waste there. We can accept paint, though.”

Not accepted at the hazardous waste event on March 29: no explosives, no ammunition, no radioactives, no smoke detectors, no empty containers, and absolutely no agri-business, business, or medical waste.

Harper knows how to get rid of tires, unwanted mobile homes, non-running automobiles, or any other problem waste that needs to be disposed of. She can be reached by calling 699-3707, and will refer individuals to the right place for the waste.