Macon County Chronicle

Daycare Employee Charged with Sexual Battery

Patty Gail Tomlinson, a 26-year-old employee at a Trousdale County daycare was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery last week, after allegations that she had an ongoing, sexual relationship with a young boy.

The relationship between Tomlinson, an employee at Miss Susan's Learning Center in Hartsville, and the now 13-year-old juvenile, allegedly took place when the boy was 12 years old.

According to the affidavit of complaint obtained from Trousdale County, Tomlinson confessed to engaging in sexual activity with the 12-year-old minor.

It is not believed that the boy attended the daycare, but lives in Tomlinson's neighborhood.

At this time, none of the sexual encounters are believed to have taken place at the childcare facility, which is owned by Susan Russell, wife of Trousdale County Sheriff Roy Russell.

Tomlinson is currently behind bars in Macon County due to the connection between the sheriff and the daycare center, "In this instance, and other cases such as this, even thought the crime was committed in one county, we felt there might be some safety issues or conflict of interest and why she couldn't be booked into the jail, so we transferred her to an adjoining county jail and they are happy to do that for us," TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm told Channel 2 news last week.

Tomlinson reportedly had a background check prior to being offered the job at Miss Susan's Learning Center, which came back clean.

Tomlinson will appear before a Grand Jury in the coming weeks.