Macon County Chronicle

Thomas Rowland Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Thomas Rowland, recently Retired President & CEO of North Central Telephone Cooperative, was honored by the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA).

Rowland was presented with the Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his many contributions to NCTC and the Telecommunications Industry. 

The award was presented recently at NTCA’s Annual Convention and Exposition in Long Beach, California.

In presenting the award Michael Brunner, NTCA’s CEO, recognized Rowland’s leadership on both the local and national levels. Brunner detailed many of his achievements at NCTC over the past 24 years as well as Rowland’s leadership of NTCA, The Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative. Rowland commented that he was truly honored to be recognized by his peers from all over Rural America.

He stated that he was particularly proud that NCTC and its employees were considered to be leaders in providing communication services to Rural America.