Macon County Chronicle

Construction Temporarily Suspended at Trousdale Prison

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest provider of corrections management services to state, federal and local government, announced it has temporarily suspended construction on the new 2,040 bed prison in Trousdale County, that it began building last summer.

Bringing economic stimulation to this part of Middle Tennessee, through long-term careers and millions of dollars in salaries, benefits and tax revenue, the CCA purchased the 108-acre site from the Four Lake Regional Industrial Development Authority in April of 2008.

A medium security prison, the Trousdale Correctional Facility, located at the former Hartsville Nuclear Plant site, originally had an estimated completion time of 16-18 months and would employ approximately 350 professionals in full-time, permanent positions.

“Twenty-five years ago, when TVA pulled the plug on the nuclear plant, it was economically devastating for Smith, Trousdale and Macon counties,” said Trousdale County Executive Jerry Clift. “But with the 2008 announcement that a multi-million dollar prison would be built by the CCA at the site, there was hope once again with 350 jobs and $1.5 million a year in revenue projected for our county.”

“But unfortunately,” Clift remarked, “with the slow economy nationwide, the construction has been temporarily suspended, until state and government budgets are completed and the CCA has a better idea of where the customers will be for the prison. I still believe it’s going to come in because they’ve already spent too much not to.”

“We just keep stressing to all the people who come in the office and call, that suspension does not mean termination,” said Donna Arrington, Assistant Director of the Four Lake Regional Industrial Development Authority. “We try to keep the job seekers calm, and tell them just to hang on, with economic times the way they are, that’s what we’re all doing.”

“The region is ready to welcome new jobs of any kind with the staggering economy,” continued Arrington. “Once the CCA does resume construction activities, that will definitely bring in supplier businesses as well, which will also mean more jobs and revenue.”

“We believe they are committed to the completion of the project, based on reassurance of the CCA, and we all have hope and faith in the future.”

The Trousdale Correctional Facility will be the CCA’s eighth correctional center in the State of Tennessee.