Forty-seven-year-old Robert Glenn Tanner, of Portland, was charged with three counts of criminal exposure to HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS, after allegedly exposing his girlfriend to the virus without her knowledge or consent.

Tanner’s girlfriend, who filed the report with the Portland Police Department, began dating Tanner in January of 2008 and alleges she had unprotected sex with him four times between April and November of last year.

Before becoming involved with Tanner, the woman claims she had been living an abstinent lifestyle and Tanner was the only man she had been intimate with in several years.

The woman further claimed that Tanner informed her in November of 2008 that he had been diagnosed with HIV approximately 10 years before their relationship began.

Tanner reportedly told her he hadn’t taken his prescribed medication in 10 to 12 months.

According to an article in the Tennessean, the woman found out Dec. 30 she was HIV positive and claims when she told Tanner he said, “Now that you are sick like me, I can take care of you.”

The article further states that Portland police interviewed Tanner on Feb. 6. During questioning, he allegedly waived his Miranda rights and made self-incriminating statements about exposing the girlfriend to HIV without her knowledge or consent.

Tanner’s pre-trial bond was set at $45,000. He appeared before Sumner County General Sessions Judge Jim Hunter on Wednesday, Feb. 25th.