Macon County Chronicle

Farmers Speak Out; Commission Opposes CAFOs

It was standing room only Monday night, March 16, as folks poured into the hallway and down the stairs of the Macon County Courthouse, waiting to speak their minds during a public meeting to discuss amending county zoning regulations and development standards for commercial animal operations under the Regulations of Confined Animal Operations (CAFO), and all other commercial contract farming operations. Scheduled one hour prior to the County Commission meeting, where members would vote to adopt or oppose the proposed CAFO’s, the public meeting allotted eleven county residents to speak on the topic for four minutes each.
Many local farmers stepped up to the microphone, sharing their concerns for the future of Macon County agriculture if such regulations were passed and pleading with commissioners to protect their business.
While the CAFOs were originally looked into to control the locations and operations of possible chicken houses coming to Macon County, the regulations would also effect all livestock farm operations, the leading industry in Macon County.
After hearing concerns, commissioners voted to oppose the adoption of the CAFO regulations during their regular meeting.
Commissioner Scott Gammons followed up the unanimous “no” vote with a motion to keep the zoning and development standards for commercial animal operations in Macon County at the state and federal levels.
The motion was passed by commissioners.