Macon County Chronicle

Incidents at MCHS & MCJHS Send Teacher & Student to ER

One teacher from Macon County Junior High School and one Macon County High School student were rushed to the Emergency Room on Friday afternoon, March 20th, after two separate disturbing incidents occurred.

According to MCJHS Student Resource Officer Troy Griggs, a special education CDC teacher was taken to the ER after ingesting a harmful chemical, later determined to be Germ-X Hand Sanitizer.

The sanitizer is said to have been dispensed into the teacher’s drink by her CDC classroom assistant, a sixth grade student who confessed to the incident.

There is no word yet on the status of the teacher.

“At this time, no charges have been made,” Griggs added.

Around the same time that afternoon, a second incident took place at the high school concerning three students and the prescription drug Hydrocodone.

MCHS Student Resource Officer Terry Atkins verified that a female student at the high school brought her prescription medication to school that Friday and gave one of the pills to another female student.

While the female she gave the pill to did not ingest it, a male student took four of the pills from her purse without her knowledge.
The male student was taken to the ER for a possible overdose and was later released the same afternoon.

All three of the students involved were underclassmen, and according to Atkins, disciplinary action for those students is pending.