Macon County Chronicle

New Election Commission Members Appointed

A new Macon County Election Commission has been appointed by the State Commission with five members making up the new body including Henry Polston and Georgia Ann Boles, who currently serve on the commission and new additions Harold M. (Kenny) Kemp, Jacki Cook, and Glen Harold Donoho.

In order to qualify the newly appointed commissioners must file their Oath of Office with the State Election Commission within 20 days of being appointed.

The Tennessee Legislature majority determines the make-up of the group. The Republicans are currently the majority, and the commission is appointed in the same fashion with three Republicans and two Democrats.  

Henry Polston has served 40 years with the Macon County Election Commission.  This next term will allot him 42 years of service.   

“I’ve seen a lot of progress.  We were at the courthouse years ago and we had never made this addition. There was a little hole in the wall.  That was where we would operate,” Polston pointed out.

“The appointment to the Election Commission is truly an opportunity I appreciate,” said Glen Harold Donoho. “Senator Beavers and I have been friends for many years, and I am so pleased with Mae and Representative Terri Lynn Weaver for affording me this opportunity.  I look forward to working for Macon County and its citizens in this capacity.  Macon County Republicans have reorganized, we are united and plan to work hard toward keeping our values and conservative beliefs in tact.  Senator Beavers and Representative Weaver will continue to work hard for Macon County.  Senator Beavers was extremely instrumental in helping Macon County receive TDOT funds for the new Welcome center in 2006,” remarked Donoho.

“I appreciate the confidence Mae Beavers and Terri Lynn Weaver have placed in me.  I look forward to helping to rebuild the party in Macon County and spread a unified message.  I hope we can serve as an example for other communities,” said newly appointed Jacki Cook.