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Director of Schools Submits Resignation Letter

The regular session of the Board of Education held on Thursday, April 9th, ended with a surprise to many.  Prior to adjourning, Macon County Director of Schools, Darrel Law, submitted a letter of resignation to board members, though at press time on Monday night, April 13th, the board had not accepted his resignation and a meeting, specifically to address the situation was scheduled.

The letter presented to the board states:

“After much consideration, I have decided not to accept another two-year term as Director of Macon County Schools.  I want to thank the central office staff, supervisors, principals, faculty and support staff for their hard work, dedication and support.  I also want to thank the members of the board of education for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity and the offer of another two-year term.  I want to thank the Macon County commissioners for funding the school building projects that will improve our schools for the children of Macon County.  I appreciate the working relationship and support the school system has received from the county mayor’s office, as well as all other county agencies.
After working with the Macon County School System for 32 years, I will be retiring as I have other interests and opportunities that I want to pursue as well as spending more time with my family.”

In a recent meeting of the board, Law was offered a two-year contract renewal and asked for time to consider it.  Director Law stated late Monday, prior to the board meeting,  “This is not totally done, some concessions may be made.  The board has not accepted the letter.”   

In the April 9th meeting, Melanie Myers, who was listed under the agenda’s appearance requests, addressed the school board about discrimination in the Macon County School System affecting teachers and students, as well as applicants.   She spoke of substitute lists, job listings, and significance of tenure.  “Tenured teachers should be asked about positions,” Myers said.  

She also stated a concern for equal punishment for students without regard to whether they play sports, the grades they make, or the friends they have. “The children are our future,” she said.  Though she spoke of concerns about hiring practices and differences in punishment she did not call any specific names.  “I’ve been told that principals mainly make the decisions, I understand there is a chain.  I also understand there are laws,” stated Myers. She requested that if non-certified teachers are hired, to inform certified ones why they are not considered.

A revised policy covering the criteria for promotion and retention passed on 2nd reading.  

A motion passed adopting new textbooks for Science, Health/Wellness, Agriculture and FACS, that have been reviewed and recommended by the schools.

Board members voted to advertise for bids for five cafeteria electrical upgrades that are needed to bring the buildings up to expected fire codes.  

A list of rehires for school year 09-10 was presented to the board.  “This is only a formality, by statute, that’s your responsibility,” Cook told Director Law.   

The school board also reviewed lists of approved teachers for tenure and approved notices of non-renewal.  

The board then discussed briefly Mrs. Gregory and the status of the complaint within the teacher’s file.

Director’s Report

Certified Positions Hired

Sandra Owens – Interim MCJH Special Education for Delanie Baughn 3-16-09

Keith Goolsby – County-wide ALC effective 3-16-09

Kyle Shoulders – RBSHS Head Football Coach effective 09-10 school year

Angela King – Interim LES for Jennifer Brawner effective 4-13-09

Non-Certified Positions Hired

Shirley Nichols-L.E.S. Interim Custodian for Connie Keene effective 4-1-09

Substitute Bus Driver Hired – Roger Minchey


Earl Pitchford – County-wide Homebound Teacher - End of 08-09 school year (Retirement)

Susannah Mullen – Central Elementary Teacher - End of 08-09 school year (Retirement)