Macon County Chronicle

Maccon County Sheriffs Department Saves Lives of Six Puppies Left for Dead

Macon County’s animal control problem was not made more evident than on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 15th, as Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons and Detective Bill Cothron discovered a litter of six puppies left for dead on the side of Sycamore Valley Road.

The puppies, white in color and described as resembling ‘goat dogs,’ were brought to the Sheriffs Department for fear that they would starve, where four department employees fell in love with them and opted to adopt the orphaned pups.

With two puppies still needing homes, Sheriff Gammons is hoping to find two suitable pet lovers to adopt the remainder of the litter.

More importantly, though, he is hoping that careless pet owners will take responsibility for their animals.

“We receive numerous phone calls about unwanted animals every month” Gammons commented. “The county commission is currently working on getting a dog pound here in Macon County to take them, but I’d like to stress that until then people try to adopt them out, take them to an animal shelter or to a vet to get them euthanized. Pet owners, like the ones who left these puppies on the side of the road, should be more considerate of the animals and of their neighbors.”

For those interested in adopting one, or both, of the rescued puppies still in need of a home, contact the Macon County Sheriffs Department at 666-3325.