Macon County Chronicle

Unofficial RBS Election Results Make History

According to the unofficial election results released by the Macon County Election Commission, close to 400 voters cast their ballots to elect a city mayor and three city council members during the Red Boiling Springs City Election held Saturday, April 25th.

In the mayoral race, incumbent Kenneth Hollis carried the majority of the votes with 265, with Ray Bilbrey tallying 111, and write-in candidate Mike Silvio receiving four.

History was made in the race for city council as write-in candidate John Cook carried the votes with 196. Coming in second was candidate Cherry Cole with 173 votes and taking the third spot, by one vote, was write-in candidate Billy Joe Carver with 105.

According to Macon County Election Commission Historian Henry Polston, last Saturday’s election marked the first time a write-in candidate received the most votes in any Macon County election and the first time write-in candidates led the ticket.

The unofficial vote count for the remaining city council candidates are as follows:

James Nutter – 104, Lisa McCarter – 65, Patricia Evans – 53, Rosa Marzean – 34, Jennifer Silvio – 34, write-in candidate incumbent Shelly Dean – 31.

According to Macon County Administrator of Elections Tammy Smith, election results will be certified by the election commission within the next week.