Macon County Chronicle

Suspect Arrested in Sunshine Market Attempted Armed Robbery

Local police arrested Macon County resident Nathan Rich on Thursday, April 23rd, in connection to an attempted armed robbery that occurred at the Sunshine Market, located at 631 Hwy 52 E., earlier that evening.

According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, Rich entered the Sunshine Market, walked up to the clerk behind the counter and pulled out what appeared to be a pistol, while demanding money.

Rich, who is said to have been a customer at the Sunshine Market earlier that day, was recognized by the cashier.
“The clerk knew his face,” Sheriff Gammons said. “She advised him against robbing the store and told him if he left, she wouldn’t call the police.”

Before taking the clerk’s advice and putting away his weapon, Rich was given a pack of cigarettes before fleeing the scene in a small, gray car.

As Rich pulled out of the market, traveling east on Highway 52, Sheriff Gammons said the cashier called a store manager and the incident was then called into the Lafayette Police Department.

“At that time officers from the Lafayette Police Department, myself and deputies from the Macon County Sheriffs Department, took statements and began watching video surveillance,” he remarked.

The cause for participation by both county and city law enforcement was due to the market’s location; the gas pumps located in the city’s jurisdiction and the store itself in county jurisdiction.

While the clerk knew her assailant’s face, she wasn’t aware of his name, but after a few phone calls, police were able to track down the name and residence of the subject in question.

Around 8:30 that evening, police received a tip that Rich, who resides on Log Lane in Macon County, had returned home, and Sheriff Gammons and Detective Jeff Brewer, of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, and Lafayette Police Officer Jason Roberts proceeded to Rich’s residence.

“He admitted to attempting to rob the store,” Sheriffs Gammons said. “After receiving permission to search his vehicle, we found a pellet pistol gun that resembled a Barrett-made firearm.”    

Rich was then brought to the Macon County Sheriffs Department where he was charged with aggravated robbery and is being held on $40,000 bond. Rich is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on April 29th.

Last week’s attempted robbery at the Sunshine Market follows a planned robbery at the store in 2007, involving a store clerk and her brother.