Macon County Chronicle

Mother & Child Rescued from Nearly Fatal Crash

After a noon-time rain shower on Galen Road, April 23, 2009, a young mother and her infant child were faced with a life-threatening situation, when the vehicle she was driving lost control and collided into a bluff, next to a rushing waterfall.

While traveling towards the City of Lafayette, this past Thursday, a young adult woman was trying to negotiate a curve on the rain-slick road and lost control.

After spinning sideways, the vehicle overturned and left the roadway, slamming head first, into the bluff, before coming to rest.

An unknown Good Samaritan, stopped his vehicle on the side of the road and ran down to the accident.

When he knelt down and peered inside, he heard the sound of a baby crying. He could see the mother was injured, and he knew he needed to pull her out of the car, in order to reach the child.

After fighting to get the mother freed from the car, he moved her to a safe place, then went back to get the baby.
When he reached into the back seat of the car, and unhooked the baby girl’s seatbelt, he was able to free her from the wreckage, then called for help.

An officer on the scene relayed that the mother’s proper use of the child safety restraints was the only thing that saved this little one’s life.

As the emergency workers were gathering on the scene, they immediately directed their attention to the injured mother.
The child was placed in the back of an ambulance in the arms of EMS IV First Responder, Jessica White, while Paramedic Leslie Cook checked her out for any visible injuries.

Jessica held the frightened child close to her heart and they gave her a white teddy bear to hold on to, trying to ease the little girl’s panicked feelings away.

White paid special attention to the emotional needs of both accident victims, and carried the baby girl back to where her mother was still being prepared to enter the ambulance, which seemed to help out tremedously, letting each of them know, the other one was still okay.

The mother was transported to Macon County General Hospital and the baby girl rode by her side.

A special thanks to the Good Samaritan for taking the time to care about someone else, and to all of the emergency responders, who daily put their lives on the line to save complete strangers.