Macon County Chronicle

Now and Then

A Hero Lies in Me...

A Column By: Debbie Gregory

It was a different kind of day and I felt a tremendous amount of emotional pressure for some reason. God certainly seemed far away from me, yet others always feel his presence nearby.

I desperately needed to get out of the house and quickly walked out the back door. I stepped off the patio, and my desire to break away from the world as I know it, snuck right up on me, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Have you ever wondered why you are even here? I mean really wonder why you are here on earth. It is a good question, you know, and I was certainly on a quest when something unbelievable happened to me, or least I think it did.

When I headed across the meadow, which was suddenly vacant, in my search for the Lord, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I definitely wasn’t in Lafayette anymore. A dusty trail appeared right before my eyes, and I followed it, away from life as I had always known it. I walked past an amazing  body of crystal clear blue water and through a beautiful forest of towering oak trees and it took me less than five minutes to reach an impasse. One path led directly to a rock face, where I heard a distant cry and the other to the end of a beautiful rainbow, where I noticed a huge pot of gold.

Taking a deep breath and with my hands outstretched, I ventured a couple of small steps toward the gold and stopped, as fear seized me and my stomach clenched. A great sadness settled on my shoulders, and with it’s full weight almost suffocating me, I decided to do the right thing and take the other path, which led me to a place I could only have imagined in my best dreams. The sights were wonderous, and the smell of clean fresh air along with a mix of floral fragrances aroused memories of the person inside of me that I had long forgotten.

I was speechless as I reached for the small lamb that was desperately crying for help, as he teetered on a small ledge, which was within my reach.

I could feel the warmth of tears beginning to gather behind my eyes, when I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to safety, as God started knocking on the door to my heart. I suddenly felt a warm inviting presence, as a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, realizing  there was something decent still left inside of  me.

I know I’ll never be perfect and I certainly can’t save the world, but somewhere inside of me I do know a hero exists, and one day I promise I’ll prove it. As wonder and delight invaded my soul for the first time in many years, the chirping of a songbird broke the silence, as I turned and headed on home.