Macon County Chronicle

Mile Results From Macon County Junior High

The following pictures are the winners (and their times) of the mile run at Macon County Junior High School. 

Runner pictured below  (l to r)
Terra Pryor, 7th grade -Champion   6 mins 22 secs
Kelsey Gregory, 7th grade-1st runner up   6 mins 23 secs
Kailyn Brooks, 7th grade- 2nd runner up   6 mins 31 secs
Whitney Whitlow, 7th grade-3rd runner up  6 mins 32 secs

Macon County Chronicle - Mile Runners


Jacob McClard, 7th grade-Champion   5 mins   54 secs
Mason Doss, 6th grade-1st runner up   5 mins  59 secs
Jessie Newberry, 8th grade-2nd runner up   6 mins  01 secs
William Ilia, 8th grade-3rd runner up   6 mins  02 secs

Macon County Chronicles - Mile Runners