The following pictures are the winners (and their times) of the mile run at Macon County Junior High School. 

Runner pictured below  (l to r)
Terra Pryor, 7th grade -Champion   6 mins 22 secs
Kelsey Gregory, 7th grade-1st runner up   6 mins 23 secs
Kailyn Brooks, 7th grade- 2nd runner up   6 mins 31 secs
Whitney Whitlow, 7th grade-3rd runner up  6 mins 32 secs

Macon County Chronicle - Mile Runners


Jacob McClard, 7th grade-Champion   5 mins   54 secs
Mason Doss, 6th grade-1st runner up   5 mins  59 secs
Jessie Newberry, 8th grade-2nd runner up   6 mins  01 secs
William Ilia, 8th grade-3rd runner up   6 mins  02 secs

Macon County Chronicles - Mile Runners