Macon County Chronicle

Macon Jr. Pro - March 1, 2008

Action resumed this past Saturday after taking a couple of weeks off with 10 great games of basketball being played.  The 1st game was a 6-8 girls’ game and had Glenda Oyster’s team winning over Shawn Carter’s team 26-8.  For Glenda, Makenzie Mercer had 16 points and Grace Malo had 10. For Shawn, Mallory Owens had 3 points, Morgan Carter and Keeley Carter had 2 points each and Jacy Russell had 1.

The 2nd game was a 6-8 girls’ game and had Melissa Belton’s team defeating Anthony Bullington’s team 18-16. For Melissa, Kinsley Green had 7 points, Keeley Clariday and Lora Darnell had 4 each and Jenna Russell had 3.  For Anthony, Luci Allen had 7, Kyndal Bullington had 4, Kara Bowman and Jade Young had 2 each and Taylor Woodard had 1.

The 3rd game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Dwayne Colter’s team winning over Teresa Thomas’s team 24-17.  For Dwayne, Cole Carnahan had 14, Cole Dziekiewicz had 6, and Aaron Colter and Chase Whittemore had 2 each.  For Teresa, Tanner Cleary had 9, Bryson Smith had 5 and Bret Sloan had 3.

The 4th game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Barry Polston’s team defeating Jason Marsh’s team 27-17.  For Barry, Jacob Reeves had 13, Landon Polston had 6, Cameron Mercer had 4, Ethan Wakefield had 2 and Cameron Welch and Dylan Butler had 1 each.  For Jason, Taylor Carman had 8, Trent Boles had 5 and Dalton Marsh and Logan Hewitt had 2 each.

The 5th game was a 6-8 boys’ game and had Chris Grant’s team winning over Stevie Smith’s team 36-22.  For Chris, Michael Ashburn had 20, Isaac Grant and Mason Trent had 5 each, Stephen Lancaster had 4 and Logan Thompson had 2.  For Stevie, Joshua Hauskin had 19 and Kade Allen, Spencer Hogin and Chance Presley had 1 each.

The 6th game was a 9-12 girls’ game and had Spencer Shrum’s team defeating Scott Key’s team 16-12.  For Spencer, Kary Day and Briley Driver had 5 each, Reese Shrum had 4 and Dayle Tuck had 2.  For Scott, Leah Anderson had 8, Logan Hernandez had 3 and Marisa Owens had 1.

The 7th game was a 9-12 girls’ game and had Anthony Bullington’s team winning over Melissa Belton’s team 11-9.  For Anthony, Morgan McDonald had 5, Allyson West had 4 and Kelsey Bullington had 2.  For Melissa, Kaitlyn Main, Rachael Baillie, Lyndsey Belton and Kyra Roberts had 2 each and Brandi Garmon had 1.

The 8th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Connie Shrum’s team defeating Travis Anderson’s team 37-11.  For Connie, Dillon McCormick had 10, Mayson Shrum, Kendrick Carter and Jesse Gregory had 6 each, Clay Carnahan had 5, and Marcus Dennis had 4.  For Travis, Sebastian Brawner had 4, Bailey Anderson had 3 and Jamison Gregory and Bradley Chaffin had 2 each.

The 9th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Jeff McPherson’s team winning over Mendy Cliburn’s team 36-18.  For Jeff, Zachary Polston had 15, Trace McPherson had 7, Jalyn Lankford had 6 and Matt Austin, Trevor Swindle, Brock Rutan and D J Culbert had 2 each.  For Mendy, Raftin Turner had 16 and Kole Cliburn had 2.

The 10th game was a 9-12 boys’ game and had Jeff Hudson’s team defeating David Phillips’ team 27-13.  For Jeff, Taylor Rich had 17, Peyton Azbell had 4 and Matt Hudson, Noah McClanahan and Jake Azbell had 2 each.  For David, Homer Tirjan and Jedediah Coley had 4 each, Terry Daniels had 3 and Hunter Jones had 2.