Macon County Chronicle

MCJHS Girls Soccer Wins Three in a Row


  The Macon County Junior High Girls Soccer Team won three games in a row and also had 8th grade night on Friday Sept 30.

Game Break-down: MCJH vs Walter J 5-0 (No JV game), MCJH vs Portland 9-1 (JV 3-0), MCJH vs West Wilson 3-0 (No JV game)
The MCJH Girls Soccer team record is 7-1 with two games remaining this week.
Coach Barry King said that the girls are working really good together as a team. Eighth
grade night was on Friday, September 30.  Mr. Bransford, MCJH principal presented the roses to the 13 8th grade girls that will be moving on to high school next year.  Coach King said that he will really miss these girls next year and he wishes them all the best in high school.