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Trousdale Cares Hosts Wounded Warrior Hunt


Trousdale Cares held their Annual Turkey Hunt for Wounded Warriors over the weekend, and on Saturday morning I was honored to spend a little time with the soldiers who so bravely served our country and earned the respect and admiration of everyone.

An organization of grateful Americans in Hartsville, Trousdale Cares sponsors this hunt to pay tribute, say thanks and recognize the sacrifices made by members of the Armed Forces. Robbie Atwood said this event was established to help ten wounded warriors, who sustained injuries protecting & defending our country, to enjoy a weekend turkey hunt with a group of guys who have not forgotten these soldiers unwavering love for the United States of America, in the midst of tragedy.

The group of Wounded Warriors this year, were from the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and they all had inspirational stories, accompanied by a strong character that offers hope to all those serve our great country in time of war.

“For people to take us into their homes and treat us like family,” said Wounded Warrior Shawn Clifford, “it gives us a sense of appreciation for what we have done. When we are in another country fighting, it’s hard to remember sometimes what we are fighting for, but when you have an event like this for soldiers, it renews our sense of love for the USA and the people we serve.””When I shot a turkey this morning,” Shawn smiled, “it was the most excited I have been in a long time and I actually felt alive again.

These soldiers have put their lives in danger on numerous deployments, because our country has asked them. Their story of commitment and perseverance should inspire all of us to overcome the limits of life’s circumstances.
“My love runs deep for the USA and my comrades,” remarked Shawn, “and I have spent many years away from my wife and children. The level of depression a wounded soldier feels is tremendous and we often feel completely useless to our country and fellowman. But thanks to the compassion of Trousdale Cares and everybody involved with this organization, our time with them makes us forget all that.”

Added Lafayette’s TWRA officer Jim Dooley, “I was recently contacted by Bob Lowery to see if I would take a Wounded Warrior hunting, in hopes that they would kill a turkey. I was honored to have been asked and I realize the freedom we have isn’t free. These soldiers fight for this luxury and they are living proof that anything can be triumphantly accomplished, no matter what the obstacles.” “This is a wonderful event that Trousdale Cares hosts,” said Dooley, “and it is a small way for all of us to show our thanks for everything these courageous warriors have done that we might continue to enjoy our freedom.”

“This has been one of our most enjoyable hunts so far,” said Robbie Atwood, “and I know this weekend can’t compare to what these men have done for us. These soldiers of America have fallen in love with our little town and we are humbled by their gratitude. They have conquered adversity to become who they are today and they are genuine American heroes with a convincing message of their willingness to go that extra mile for all of us.”

“We couldn’t sponsor this event without our community’s support, along with the all the volunteers. Everyone pitched in to make this one heck of a weekend and with the right attitude all things are possible,” said Atwood. “God bless America, the land of the free!”