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Johnson’s Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary


William Shakespeare once said, “Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support.” When I spoke with Bill & Opal Johnson last Saturday afternoon at Gibson’s Café, where they were celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary, the couple’s eyes were filled with loving devotion and they spoke of that endless support which created a relationship that will last them a lifetime.

Opal sighed with delight as memories of their precious love story began to dance around in her head, while Bill sat next to her. True love is not just a fling folks, it becomes your life once it is discovered.

The husband & wife first became acquainted when Bill would visit a couple of friends, who just happened to be Opal brothers; plus they also attended the same church.

“We were married on March 29, 1953, at Corinth, Mississippi, traveling on a Palm Sunday morning to exchange vows,” Opal smiled. “Dr. D.L. Hill married us at his home.”

Bill was in the Navy when they married, and after a week at home, he returned to California where he was stationed. “Opal later joined me,” Bill said, “but we returned to Macon County in June of 1954, moving into an apartment behind my family’s home on College Street.”

Years swept by gradually turning the pages of the life they shared together. Their daughter, Karen, came along on October 6, 1954 and Chris was born on March 26, 1956. Karen is married to David Cooper and Chris’s wife is Debbie.

Bill retired from Tri County Electric and Opal retired from the City of Lafayette both in 1991.

“We have been blessed with five grandchildren,” Opal smiled, “named Neil, Greg, Meredith, Christina, and Samuel. We also have three great grandchildren: Bradly, Eloise and Dylan.”

The Johnson’s both graduated from MCHS and are also dedicated members of Lafayette Missionary Baptist Church. A former song leader, Bill is a deacon and Opal plays the organ.

As the husband & wife walk hand in hand through life, Opal thanks God for blessing them with 60 wonderful years together. “Bill is an easy going, loveable fellow and we are definitely soul mates,” Opal said.

Bill says they have a good relationship and they agree on religion. “By the way, Opal is a wonderful cook,” Bill grinned.

Opal and Bill share a sweet and boundless love and as we all know this feeling changes how we view the world. God bless you both and I wish you many more happy years together.