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A Call to Make Em Holler

altWhen you are passionate about something, most of the time, it really shows. The folks at MakemHoller Game Calls exhibit that passion about locally made turkey box calls.

Dan Demay and Jimmy Creasy formed the company in 2011 with each bringing their own experience. Jimmy has lived in Trousdale County all his life and had been making turkey box calls for about 12 years. His father gave him his favorite call and he tried to make a replica. “It sounded pretty much like his,” said Jimmy. “I just made calls for friends who I knew hunted.”

Dan and his wife Jennifer also grew up in Hartsville. After graduating from TCHS in 2000, Dan spent some time in the Air Force as a fireman. With a longtime affinity for working with wood, he and his family moved back to Trousdale County in 2008 and opened a small part-time furniture shop. He met Jimmy and the passion for turkey calls was ignited in early 2011. “When Jimmy and I started making calls, we started making calls. Man I loved it.”

Dan estimates that he and Jimmy made somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 calls before they started thinking about selling or giving them away. He has worked hard on finding other companies that share his passion about the outdoors. Through a contact he eventually became involved with the folks at the Sovereign Sportsman. They produce an Emmy award winning TV show shown on the Pursuit Channel and will be featuring a specially designed “Sovereign Sportsman Box Call” on their website which is made by MakemHoller. MakemHoller has also produced a limited edition of 25 calls which will be offered thru the Weatherby Nation on Weatherby’s website in 2013.

“Every different call we make for a customer or event is special,” said Jennifer Demay. MakemHoller has made calls for individuals and events like the South Carolina State Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Calls are made, by hand, and marketed for special events to raise money. MakemHoller sent me a call shortly after their ad ran in our fall “Outdoor Special Section” last year. I am proud to say that the call helped a wounded veteran harvest a spring gobbler on a hunt I attended three weeks ago in Milan, TN.

Sometimes what you get in this life comes from what you give. MakemHoller is committed to helping others by giving of their time and talents. Last year they donated 5 calls to the local Trousdale Cares Community Banquet, which raised over $1000. This year they will be donating calls again to the event.

Trousdale Cares is a group of outdoorsman/women committed to local outdoor activities and supporting veterans, youth, and those less fortunate in their community. Their main fundraising event is a banquet and auction which will be held on Saturday April 13th in the auditorium of the Trousdale County High School. Admission is $10 with children 5 and under free. The doors will open at 5 p.m. and there will be lots of guns and outdoor merchandise available for a good cause. You can find more information on the Trousdale Cares at their Facebook page online.

The 25th collectable Weatherby Box Call will be available at this fundraiser. Jimmy and Dan purposely asked the folks at Weatherby if they could keep one of the series for a special cause. The folks at Weatherby Nation gladly agreed and you can get a chance to own a limited edition one-of-a-kind box call at the event on the 13th. If you can’t make the event contact MakemHoller at their website at There you can order your very own personalized handmade box call.

I can speak from experience. MakemHoller was able to give me a call and I in turn used it to help a wounded veteran harvest a spring gobbler. That kind of passion sure is infectious and I am glad I caught it.