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Non-Resident Notice- Donna M Skulley


Donna Mae Skulley (Middleton) Plaintiff
VS  NO. 5425
Judy Abrahamson (Individually) And The Unknown Heirs of Gerald D. Skulley  Defendant
In this action, Plaintiff has brought suit to Partition by sale to the following described property:
Map 79 Parcel 12.01
Lying and being in the 7th Civil District of Macon County, Tennessee and beginning at the North margin of the Old Oak Grove Road and the New Oak Grove Road and being at the extreme southwest corner of the Donoho lands, thence as follows: N. 57 30’ W. 371 ft. along the East margin of the R.O.W. to an iron pin a corner to Donoho; thenceN46 00’E. 220 ft. to an iron pin; thence N. 25 30’ W. 92 ft. to an iron pin; thence N. 61 30’E. 458 ft. to a steak in the fence line; thence N. 64 30’E. 332 ft. to a steak in the fence line and 16 inch poplar un the fence row; thence S. 00 57’ W. 584 ft. with the fence line to an iron pin (this may or may not compare with deed, but fence row has been there for several years); thence S. 66 15’ W. 536.3 ft. to the point of beginning, containing 8.55 acres more or less.
This being the same property conveyed to Judy Abrahamson, a 1/2 undivided interest, and Gerald Skulley dated 8/24/04 and recorded in Deed Book263, Page 40, ROMC, TN.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Clerk and Master from the Plaintiff’s Complaint, which is sworn to that the heirs of Gerald Skulley are unknown and cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry and likewise their whereabouts and residence are unknown and cannot be ascertained such that the ordinary process cannot be made on Defendant(s). It is therefore, ORDERED that publication be made in the Macon County Chronicle, a newspaper of general circulation published in the County of Macon, in the State of Tennessee for four (4) consecutive weeks, commanding said defendant to serve upon Dalis D. Holliman & E. Guy Holliman, Attorney at Law, whose address is P.O. Box 280, Lafayette, TN 37083 a copy of Answer to the Complaint on or before the 5th day of January, 2017, also file an Answer to the Complaint with the Clerk and Master at the Justice Center, 906 Hwy 52 ByPass East, Lafayette, TN 37083 according to law. If you fail to do so Judgment by Default will be taken against you, the said defendant, for the relief demanded in the Complaint on the 20th day of January, 2017, at 9:00am at the Chancery Court of Macon County at the Trousdale County Courthouse, Hartsville, TN.
This the 7th day of November, 2016
Kristin Reid, Clerk and Master  Dalis D. Holliman and E. Guy Holliman, Attorneys for Plaintiff