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Farm’s Mission Statement

Every now and then I review the purpose of our farm, the underlying beliefs and values, the short and long-term goals, and the direction it is going.

It’s an effort for me to sort out which is which. Obviously we are trying to make a living on a farm, to run it organically, and to share the experiences with you. Since we live in a world dominated by corporations, I’ll use the corporate model as an outline.

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to develop a humus-rich, community supported farm which grows the highest quality biodynamic food, and to educate ourselves and others on how this is most efficiently accomplished.

Beliefs and Values:

1. Food is healthiest when it comes from a humus-rich farm, which produces its own feeds and fertility, and a garden, which is enriched with the farm’s compost.
2. The welfare of a community is enhanced when local organic farms and gardens help supply its needs.
3. The care of the soil is the farmer’s primary concern, and the marketing of farm products is best done by others.
4. Farms and gardens can be enjoyable, productive and beautiful, while providing meaningful jobs and raising environmental awareness.
5. Community supported agriculture offers a way to sustain such farms and gardens, and an opportunity to distribute fresh produce in an economically cooperative manner.


1. A vibrant community supported agriculture farm.
2. The prime utilization of the pastures.
3. The conservation of the forest, soil and water.
4. To provide an aesethically pleasing place for recreation, education and healing for children, neighbors and guests.
5. To publicize our experiences through various media.
An enjoyable, park-like farm, which remains relatively independent regarding its own food, feeds and fertilizer needs that serves the broader community as an environmentally sound and economically viable model for quality food production.

Now that I’ve got that out of my way, I’m ready to spread tons of compost, plow and plant five or six acres of vegetables, keep the cattle moving around the farm, plan a few get-togethers, and write another article. But the latter will have to wait until next week.