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We don’t want to sell vegetables, but we grew too much winter squash for the members of our coop. so I called a few other community supported agriculture farms to see if they needed any, and they did. Some potatoes were asked for, too, and a count in the cave determined extra.

Since Whole Foods came to Nashville, I haven’t found health foods stores there anymore. But Chattanooga, Knoxville and Atlanta have farmer-friendly stores wanting our squash and potatoes, so we are filling their orders and shipping it out.
Tony called from Atlanta wondering if I needed any granite meal. I said sure. He needed to get a corn grinder here and I love having the granite for compost making. Granite has potassium and many trace elements that our soils lack, so it is appreciated by our microbes.
A CSA in North Georgia ordered a ton of squash, and the health food store there placed an order, too. It was good timing, and we filled his truck up and kissed that squash goodbye.
Two CSA’s near Chattanooga placed an order, and also got us an account at the health food store there. Adding it all up, I think I need that big truck again.
The Knoxville food coop always orders from us this time of year. We like their store, and will send them watermelons to go with their squash and potatoes. Membership owned coops are the best.
20,000 pounds of squash looks pretty, piled up high in every shed available. Someone said that it must be nice to look at it every day and I replied “It will look a lot nicer when it’s gone.”
Food ought to be free. Then everyone would have plenty to eat. I don’t like selling it. I let the customers price it, as I have no idea what its worth. Organic produce is hot these days, so I’m always surprised at its value. I’m glad we give so much away.
Boxes are found at the grocery stores here, and we wipe, sort and count out vegetables for several days. Into the van they go, and then down the road. It lightens our farm to be relieved of a few more tons of produce.
Our own coop has no need to worry. They get all of the squash and potatoes they want. Neighbors are welcome to get some, too. Only the excess is shipped out, and only for a few months. I breathe a little easier now that I don’t feel so squashed.