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Barefoot Farmer II

We have a new book, Barefoot Farmer II. I say “we” because of all the work done by the designer and typesetter, Victoria, and the illustrator, Linda. “We” also includes Kathryne, Gabby, and the rest of the Macon County Chronicle staff, who turn my weekly chick scratches into a newspaper column. You readers are included too, as your interest keeps me writing.

It is another collection of articles. The first book came out ten years ago, so these were all written in the last decade. We have gleaned the best out of 500 columns.

I took the cover photo, just like on the first book. This time we placed the whole CSA delivery in a pile and shot the picture. And then had to do it again the next week because the camera was set wrong. I’m not a photographer.

The title is rather unimaginative – that’s my fault. I took it as a continuation of the first book, so I called it Volume II. We used a roman numeral, but I can’t recall why.

I’ve been editing articles over the past few winters, and had a fairly complete manuscript by last spring. But getting it all into a computer, laid out like a book, inserting illustrations and proofreading (thanks to Sally) took a long time. Miscommunications with the printer caused another delay, buy the finally arrived a few days ago.

The illustrations are precious. I’m going through a life crisis, a little late in life. But I think I know what I want to do now. I want to be a cartoon character.

Books often have quotations, and this one is no different. In the first book I quoted Jefferson, Thoreau, Voltaire, Shakespeare and others. This time, I couldn’t find appropriate sayings, so I just made up my own.

If you read the column, then you have already read the book. The Chronicle has first rights to what I write and all of the articles were first published in the newspaper.

I aim to educate, entertain and inspire, and I wouldn’t write if it weren’t for you – my readers. So, if you learn something, chuckle, or head out to your garden after reading, then I’ve done my job. Thank you all for helping me write another book.

The Armour Hotel has copies for sale. I may go there this weekend for a book signing. There will probably be a few copies at the Chronicle office too.