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Macon Runs in Two Meets


Runners from Macon County High School and Macon County Junior High were in action this past week. Macon hosted a home mid-week meet and both teams traveled to Cookeville for the Ryan Burnett Invitational.

MCHS hosted a mid-week meet on 10-1-13. The boys finished in second place. Senior Dylan Meador ran a 18:14, Chris Bullington 19:03 (a new personal best), Carson Cunningham 19:33, Eric Davis 21:31, Jacob Sewell 22:01, Colton Eden 22:35, Dalton Swindle 24:24, and John Case 25:26. The girls finished in first. Katie Swindle won with a time of 21:21. Jasmine Chaparro ran a 22:44, Jessca Seehafer a 24:09, Taylor Cox a 24:48, Angela Whisenhunt a 25:52, Jade Ellis a 25:55, Jordan Hauskin a 27:18, and Cheyenne Davis a 30:05. The meet was the final home meet for Seniors Meador, Avera, Bullington, Case, Zimmerman, Swindle, Chaparro, and Ellis

Both schools traveled to Cookeville on October 5th to compete at Cookeville High School. The Junior High girls finished in 3rd place overall. Krista Perkins ran a 14:06, Amber Whisenhunt a 15:53, Sierra Davis a 16:11, Bethany Frye a 17:39, Alyssa Whisenhunt a 17:58, and Meagan Frye a 20:52. The boys ran four individuals. Connor Chaparro finished 1st with a time of 12:33. Issac Wakefield ran a 13:15, Oliver Dyer ran a 18:01, and Wylee Dyer ran a 18:36.

MCHS had a good showing at the meet as well. After finishing in 2nd place overall for the past three years, Katie Swindle wins by :56 with a time of 21:07. Chaparro runs a 22:17, Cox a 24:30, Seehafer a 25:41, Whisenhunt a 26:11, Ellis a 27:23, Hauskin a 30:04, Maddy Miller a 30:59, and Cheyenne Davis a 33:45. The Tigerettes finished in 2nd place overall. Macon’s boys finished in 4th place overall. Meador ran a 18:32, Bullington 20:08, Cunningham a 20:26, Ryan Avera a 21:57, Sewell a 23:13, Davis a 24:29, and Dalton Swindle a 24:30.