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Dept of Safety Notice of Seizure

State of Tennessee
Department of Safety and Homeland Security
1150 Foster Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37242

Notice of Seizure
The Department of Safety has seized the following property pursuant to Chapter 692 of the Public Acts of 1982, amending T.C.A. 55-5-108.
Altered Vin Seizure
2006 Green Honda CBR
Vin: No Vin Located
Plate: No Plate
DOS Case #: Q0197 A

Any owner or person(s) claiming an interest in the above property shall make application to the Tennessee Department of Safety, Legal Division, 1150 Foster Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-1000 within ten (10) days of this notice.
Failure by a claimant to exercise his/her rights to reclaim said property within the time provided shall be deemed a waiver of all rights to title and interest in said property.
Roger Hutto, for The Commissioner