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Macon Cross Country Results


The Cross Country teams from Macon County High School and Macon County Junior High were busy this week.

On Tuesday September 30th MCHS hosted a MSCCA Member meet. The boy’s team finished in first place with times of: Issac Wakefield 20:32(1), Eric Davis 20:44(2), Dalton Sloan 21:22(3), Kristopher Boone 21:32(4), Jacob Sewell 23:51(6), and Oliver Dyer 24:16(8). The MCHS girls team finished with times for four runners. Their times were: Logan Hernandez 23:19, Jessica Seehafer 23:42, Jordan Hauskin, and Savannah Alford 28:17.

On Saturday both schools had runners entered in the Ryan Burnett Invitational at Cookeville High School. The high school boys team finished in 7th place with times of: Issac Wakefield 19:59(29), Eric Davis 20:15(30), Kristopher Boone 21:10(38), Dalton Swindle 21:37(39), Jacob Sewell 22:10(40), and Oliver Dyer 23:34(44). No results for the girl’s team were submitted.

Athletes from Macon County Junior High also competed in Cookeville on Saturday. Girls results were: Keelie Tucker 15:23(12), Rhiannon Qualls 17:57(36), and Isabell Boxold 18:27(39). Boys results were: Elliott McGuire 14:08(26), Jared Hill 14:31(29), Dylan Smith 15:41(46), Ryan Underwood 16:12(51), and Wylee Dyer 16:27(55).