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Macon Moving thru District 8AA


Macon County is moving toward the conclusion of the 2014-2015 high school basketball seasons.

This week they faced two 8AA opponents in Cannon County and Upperman.

Macon County traveled to Cannon County on Tuesday Jan 20th. The ladies came out slow only attempting 8 shots from the field and trailed 8-14 after one quarter. They would manage to heat up and cut the lead to 18-20 at the half. It seems that whatever the Tigerettes were going to do the Lady Lions did just enough to get the win. Final score was Cannon County 51 Macon 45 in a much more competitive game from earlier in the season.

Scoring was: Lyndsey Belton 19, Reese Shrum 9, Briley Driver 8, Leah Anderson 8, and Kyndall Bullington 1. Paige Clark, Kassidy Brooks, Marisa Owens, and Sarah Carter all played but did not start.

The Tigers were looking to make-up some ground on the Lions, who are tied for 1st place in 8AA during the regular season. The pace was up-and-down the floor but the Lions managed to outscore the Tigers by 5 in the 1st and 8 in the 2nd. The score at the half was 39-26 Cannon County. The Tigers did their best but simply could not make up the ground in the second half. Cannon County grabs its 19th win of the season by a score of 80-62 over the Tigers.

Scoring was: Seth Carlisle 12, Michael Ashburn 2, Evan Perrigo 16, Trace McPherson 14, Tyler Carlisle 2, Alex Hill 4, Clay Carnahan 6, Riley Phillips 2, and Heston King 4. Matt Austin, Kendrick Carter, and Matt Hudson all played but did not score.

Upperman came to Lafayette tied for the lead in 8AA girl’s basketball. The Tigerettes didn’t have a terrible first quarter; the Lady Bees simply had a better one. The difference in the play of these two teams became readily apparent and Upperman led 41-22 at the break. The Tigerettes shot 17 of 42 for the game but with no second chance points and too many turnovers, Upperman had the game well in hand. Final score Macon 45 Upperman 67.

Scoring was: Clark 8, Shrum 3, Driver 9, Anderson 10, Belton 2, Owens 5, Kinsley Green 2, Kaylynn Dalton 3, and Keeley Clariday 3. Brooks, Bullington, Carter, Luci Allen, and Mattie Goolsby all played but did not score.

After going the first half of the season 4-1, the Tigers have lost their last 4 games in a row in 8AA play. Against Upperman they came out seemingly ready to play. They shot 10 of 21 from the field and led at the half 25-18. Sometimes things don’t show up on the stat sheet, and the defense that Trace McPherson and Seth Carlisle played in the frontcourt in the first half was impressive. The Tigers came out and kept their foot on the gas and managed to hang on for a 63-52 win. With a 10 point lead and three minutes to go in the game, these Tigers might want to back off the throttle and get some experience closing out a game, as they were still ripping-and-romping down the court till the final buzzer. That’s a lesson the Tigerettes were introduced to the previous week against Livingston.

Scoring was: Seth Carlisle 11, Ashburn 18, Perrigo 19, Austin 2, McPherson 6, Tyler Carlisle 5, and Carter 2. Hill and Carnahan played but did not score.

Macon County will be on the road this week. They travel to DeKalb County on Tuesday the 27th and to Central Magnet on Friday the 30th before coming home to close out the season. Special note: The home game against York Institute on Feb 3rd has been moved to a 1 pm start time.