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Consider This……


Is a picture worth a thousand words? Well you tell me.

This weekend I came across this picture on the Internet and for me, I heard all those words.

In this photo sisters Ellie and Ryligh Coley are helping their father harvest a wild turkey. These girls are the daughters of Patrick and Jill Coley of Lafayette and the bird was harvested this weekend by their father. What word comes to your mind?

Adorable. Who doesn’t love a picture of kids in the outdoors in the springtime? Especially with them dragging something that is as big as them to help out their daddy. Little girls are cuter than a baby skunk.

Quality. With all that is going on in our world, I see a parent creating a bond with a child in an activity that both of them can enjoy, together, for the remainder of their lives. I have tried hard to do the same thing with both my son and my daughter, in hunting and other activities as well.

Reality. I can guarantee you that both of these little girls know and understand where food comes from. In the game of life, those of us who eat meat must kill to be sustained. As a hunter myself, I don’t take pleasure in killing one of God’s creatures. However, I am thankful to Him that I have been given the opportunity to harvest an animal to nourish my family. These girls are learning that lesson as well.

Country. I am so thankful that we live where we can participate and enjoy the outdoors and all that they can teach and provide. To quote Patrick, there is “nnothing like teaching kids about how we live in the South!!!”

So consider this, which one of those thousand words do you think of when you see this picture? These are just some of the words I think of. However if you read carefully you might tell that the number one word is ‘thankful.” Thankful for a dad who spends quality time teaching his kids what I am trying to teach mine. Thankful that kids get to experience an activity that I am not only passionate about, but that I devote my time and efforts in order to preserve for these girl’s girls. And finally I am thankful that I could share this with you.

Have a great rest of the 2015 Tennessee turkey season. I will with both my son and daughter.