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Mistakes Cost Bulldogs

The Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs are playing hard but mistakes have been a problem all year and last Friday night was not much different than the 4 games they have played all year.

The Bulldogs have had a pattern of picking up good yardage only to see mistakes prove too costly. Last Friday night the Monterey Wildcats visited the Dog Pound and went home with a 22-0 victory over the Bulldogs.

On a beautiful night for football the Bulldogs won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kick-off. Behind new quarterback Hunter Kirk the Bulldogs used the hard running from Elijah Byfield and Justin Bergdorf to take the ball deep into Wildcat territory only to give up the ball on downs. The Wildcats picked up a couple of first downs then had to punt the Ball back to the Bulldogs. Once again the Bulldogs advanced the ball deep into Wildcat territory using a short field too their advantage. This time the Bulldogs fumbled the ball and the Wildcats recovered. Those mistakes have once again hurt the Bulldogs.

The Wildcats took advantage of the Bulldogs mistakes and managed 2 first half Touchdowns and led 12-0 at half-time. The Wildcats were running players in and out keeping fresh players in the game.

The Bulldogs fought hard all game but now the injury bug hits as Dustin Bergdorf went down with a foot injury and did not return. Lee Pruitt did not play the first half also due to injuries.

We are not going to use these injuries as our downfall, but it makes a big difference when the numbers are so low that many of these injuries come at a time when the players are tired especially in the hot weather. This week finds the Bulldogs off before returning to take on Jo Byrns on the 30th.

Some stats altfrom the game. The Bulldogs defense held Monterey to 5 first downs-That is only 10 first downs in the last 2 games. Justin Bergdorff-7 tackles and 2 assist-Billy York had a great game with 9 tackles plus 1 assist while Jordan Powell had 11 tackles which is a career high for Jordan-Joaquin Mejia had 4 tackles-Anthony Kramer had 5 tackles including 1 for a stop on fourth down.

Bradley Atkins might be back for the Clay County game. See you at the Dog Pound Friday night September 30th.

(Photo by Tina Atkins)