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Counterfeit Bill Leads to Arrest, Manhunt

Courtesy of the Westmoreland News

Westmoreland Police and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department spent Tuesday afternoon on a manhunt after making one arrest over a counterfeit bill and having a second suspect escape.


Police were called to a trailer behind L&S Tire on George Akins Road and arrested Jacqueline Slayton at the scene. They began to look for Robert Romaine Slayton, 25, on the premises, but he escaped out a back door of the trailer.

“We had our K-9 officer, and we tracked him for about three miles all the way to Pumping Station Road, but he apparently had gotten a pretty good jump on us and someone apparently picked him up,” Westmoreland Police Chief Ray Amalfitano said.

The escaped suspect, Robert Slayton, was captured later the same night by authorities in Trousdale County, and charges are pending against him in Sumner County. 

What led to the arrest and the manhunt took place at Hardee’s Restaurant in Westmoreland when Jacqueline Slayton went into the business with a $100 bill, paid for an order and received change back. The bill turned out to be counterfeit, according to Amalfitano.

Sgt. James Pugh of the Westmoreland Police Department managed to trace Jacqueline Slayton’s vehicle and police were able to find her Tuesday afternoon, making an arrest.

She was charged with forgery and theft, according to Amalfitano. She also had an outstanding warrant in Sumner County.l.

Robert and Jacqueline were also charged with numerous counts of violation of check law in Macon County for bad checks written at Sav-A-Lot, Piggly Wiggly and Lafayette Hometown Foods in January 2017.