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Pickett County wins big over Bulldogs

By Wally Etheridge

The Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs have enjoyed great success over the past decade but last Friday night the Bobcats were much the better team as they manhandle the Bulldogs in every phase of the game in a lopsided score of 48-19.

There was some very strange calls that had no effect on the outcome and we will get to those later in our report.

The Bulldogs won the toss and elected to kick off and little did we know but the Bobcats were glad to get the ball to start the game and they marched 73 yards in 10 plays to grab a 6-0 lead. The extra point was no good. Six of those ten carries were student body right getting great chunks of yardage. Every time the Bobcats touched the ball on offense they ran right with the same results.

The Bulldogs returned the kickoff out to their 47 yard line and on the third play on offense Bulldog Quarterback Hunter Kirk broke the line and he had a clear path to the end-zone but the Bobcats tackled him at the one yard line. There was a flag thrown by the white hat official way back at the 50 yard line. The official did not throw the flag until Kirk was at the 10 yard line while the five other officials who were within 10 yards did not throw a flag. This resulted in a Bulldog turnover and the Bulldogs never recovered.

Pickett County scored their second touchdown midway of the second quarter to grab a 12-0 lead. The big play was a 24 yard run and a 60 yard pass for the touchdown. The Bobcats were controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides. The Bulldogs were in trouble and they knew it was time to get some points on the board. Hunter Kirk received the kickoff on his own 30 yard line and after breaking two tackles he raced 70 yards to put the Bulldogs on the board but the extra point was no good. Pickett now leads 12-6. The Bobcats next possession was moving the ball thru the air but Devin Justice of the Bulldogs picked off a Bobcat pass at midfield. The Bulldogs moved the ball down to the 12 yard line only to be called for holding and 3 plays later the Bulldogs faced a 4th and goal from the 28 yard line. Hunter Kirk took the snap and he was under pressure but he scrambled around and lofted a pass to the end zone and Bulldog Joe Rose caught the ball for a touchdown. The Bulldogs split the uprights and they now have a 13-12 lead. The lead would not last long as the Bobcats scored on a 66 yard touchdown pass to grab a 20-13 lead.

Since the clock had not worked all game the Bulldogs took the kickoff down to the 1 yard line and had a first and goal but two plays later the back judge blew his whistle to end the half just as the bulldogs were lined up to run a play from the 1 foot line. Halftime shows Bobcats up 20-13

Pickett County would add four second half touchdowns and the Bulldogs scored late on a 43 yard pass play from Hunter Kirk to Joe Rose to make your final score 48-19 Picket County.

Team stats for the Bulldogs were: 238 total yards from line of scrimmage, 4 turnovers and 138 yards in penalties. There were no injuries reported from the game and the Bulldogs have a open date this Friday and there are 3 straight home games starting with Houston County on Sept. 28. With this open date coming up the Bulldogs have a chance to heel some nagging injuries.

(Photo by Tina Atkins)