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White Hotel Building Sold To Nashville Firm

By Debbie Gregory

Good economic news comes in all shapes and sizes, and Stacey Brawner, with Ben Bray’s Real Estate & Auction, recently announced that the White Hotel Building has been sold to a Nashville firm.


The 27,000 square foot three-story commercial building, located on the public square in Lafayette, has been acquired by Dwell Dynamic LLC in Nashville, which is owned by partners Eric Cook and Torrey Rose.   

Mr. Cook and his wife, Jennifer, were in Lafayette last week and met with Mayor Richard Driver, Councilman Roger Russell, and Real Estate Agent Stacey Brawner to discuss what the company has planned for the building. 

“We are hopeful, based on what the city would like, to build apartments upstairs and carve out space commercially downstairs, like a coffee shop or other small businesses,” said Mr. Cook. “I can picture several apartment units of different sizes, including a few single person lofts at an affordable price. I think this would provide more access to the city itself, for people who like to live in downtown areas. Not everyone wants land or a farm.”

“Torrey Rose, my business partner, and I, are the owners of Dwell Dynamic LLC, and Greenway of Nashville which has two divisions – commercial and residential,” said Mr. Cook. “We are beginning to move into interior remodeling. My wife, Jennifer and I have done remodeling personally, and she will manage the development of this property in Lafayette.”

“We would like to meet with the City Council here in Lafayette and have a little more in depth detail, and work on a basic plan,” continued Mr. Cook. “We definitely support using local sub contractors and we will try to use who we can up here.”

“Lafayette has a good vision, and you can tell people here care, and that’s the place where I want to invest,” shared Mr. Cook. “I spend a lot of time looking on RealTracs, and I actually stumbled across this building for sale. I got with Stacey Brawner, who  had the listing, and he facilitated very professionally between us and the previous owner. It was a very comfortable transaction.”

“Location, location, location, what better than to have a brick building on a corner square of a nice town,” added Mr. Cook. “We are looking forward to working in Lafayette and renovating such a great property.”

Stacey Brawner said, “I was really happy to have someone that was seriously interested in buying this property, because to most people it was just too large of a project. Eric Cook didn’t see it that way. I am thankful that he bought it. My job was to sell it, and that’s what we did.” 

“The White Hotel is a historical part of our city and we are pleased that Dewell Dynamic LLC purchased it,” said Mayor Driver. “Mr. Cook has some great plans and the City of Lafayette is very excited. This project will be instrumental in promoting the Lafayette Public Square.”