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Man Wanted For 3 Macon County Thefts

By Jessie Williams 

A Nashville man is wanted in connection to three Macon County thefts that took place in January, February and March of 2022. 

According to Macon County Sheriff’s Department Detective Kevin Woodard, a theft was reported on January 31, 2022 that involved four guns stolen from a Rocky Mound Rd. residence along with a set of keys that went to the owner’s Toyota Tacoma truck.

On February 23, 2022, the Toyota Tacoma truck was reported stolen from the same address. 

Then, on February 28, 2022, a contractor reported a pallet of cinder blocks, wood, and tools stolen from a utility trailer in a new construction area on Siloam Church Rd. The stolen tools included a miter saw, nail guns, circular saws, cordless drills and an air compressor. The value of all of the stolen items in this incident was estimated to be $8,765.

On March 3, 2022 detective Woodard was contacted by the owner of the stolen truck who stated that an individual came to his house and said they had information about his stolen property. The victim gave law enforcement the individual’s name and number.

“Upon speaking with this individual, they had information about the stolen truck and the tools taken from the Siloam Church Rd. burglary,” said detective Woodard. “We were able to meet with this individual, who was a juvenile, and recover most of the stolen tools. We were also given the name of an individual that might be involved.”

The juvenile informed officers that they were unknowingly involved in the theft of the vehicle, explaining that they were told by 30-year-old Andrew Henton that he had just bought the truck and they were going to pick it up. It was around 6 a.m. on February 23, 2022 when the juvenile accompanied Henton to the Rocky Mound Rd. residence to get the truck. Henton had the keys to the truck, so the juvenile did not believe they were stealing it. 

The juvenile did give officers the location of the truck, stating that it was in the parking lot of Skyline Hospital in Nashville.

Officers contacted the security team at the hospital who located the truck, however, when they approached it the driver drove off. 

During the investigation, the guns were located and also connected to Henton. 

While most of the stolen items were recovered, the truck and a couple of the stolen guns remain missing. 

Mr. Henton is also wanted for similar crimes in three other counties.

There is currently an active warrant for his arrest in Macon County. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is urged to contact the Macon County Sheriff’s Office at 615-666-3325.